World premiere! OPPO display screen camera technology: true full screen arrival

In order to achieve a true “full screen” solution, in recent years, major mobile phone manufacturers have come up with a variety of different design options. From notch to the water drop screen to the opening screen, from the lifting structure to the sliding screen, there is even a special form of the positive and negative double screen. However, it is generally believed in the industry that all of the above designs are transitional solutions before the emergence of the screen camera technology.

At 11 o’clock this morning, OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren announced the OPPO’s on-screen camera technology on Weibo, which is also the first appearance of the screen camera technology. From the video content point of view, this OPPO engineering machine equipped with the screen camera technology has no opening on the front side, which is a complete and full screen. After displaying the front of the mobile phone, the engineering machine turned on the front camera function, and you can see that the image captured by the front camera is in the screen of the mobile phone, and the shadow of any traditional camera is not seen from the video. This is genuine. Screen camera technology.

Hiding the camera under the screen of the phone may have a certain impact on the image display of the phone screen. However, from the video content, the screen of this engineering machine is excellent in colour and clarity. In the scene of the front camera, the performance of the camera under the screen is still excellent, and there is no situation of sacrificing the ability of the camera to take pictures. This is inseparable from the optimization of the OPPO camera.

In fact, the screen camera is a technical problem that all major mobile phone manufacturers are conquering. It is no accident that OPPO can first come up with this technology. When the mobile phone manufacturer was in the comfort zone of notch water drop screen, OPPO was able to come up with the OPPO Find X equipped with a dual-track predecessor structure, which surprised the whole industry. In this year, OPPO has launched the Reno series with side-scrolling structure. In other words, on the way to exploring a truly comprehensive screen form, OPPO never stopped.

Unfortunately, OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren did not disclose any details about the technology and when the new machine with the off-screen camera will be available. But since OPPO has already released the screen camera technology, the timing is ripe. Will OPPO become the first mobile phone manufacturer to launch commercial on-screen camera technology in the future??