Microsoft (MS) acknowledged the installation error reported in Windows 11’s latest security update (KB5034765).

According to reports, some users have complained that when they try to install the KB5034765 update on Windows 11 22H2 or 23H2, the process stops at 96% and error 0x800F0922 occurs.

Microsoft acknowledged this issue in a related document. Microsoft said, “The February 2024 security update (KB5034765) released on the 13th may cause installation errors on Windows 11 PCs and the system may stop responding at 96%.” “We are working to resolve this issue and will provide an update in a future release,” he added.

Although the patch update has not been officially released, it is known that problems will not occur if you delete the hidden folder C:\$WinREAgent before installing the security update and proceed with the installation.

Meanwhile, immediately after the release of the Windows 11 KB5034765 update, several problems such as the Start menu and taskbar problems and performance problems were reported, but Microsoft has not yet revealed its position on these problems.