Play Store Policy Update, Google requires Android games to have a public draw probability

Recently, Google updated the Google Play Store policy on pornographic content, hate content and lottery items. Some foreign media found that Google’s new policy is mainly aimed at children.

In the chapter on “Revenues and Advertising,” Google requires games to provide a random virtual item for a fee, “there must be a clear chance of getting these items before the consumer buys.” In other words, Google now requires a public “open box” chance.

Previously, the US FTC related parties requested that the game “out of the box” such content must disclose the relevant odds of winning to protect the rights of consumers. In addition to the game “out of the box”, Google also regulates pornographic content in the Play Store, and the policy requires that the application be prohibited from appearing naked characters and wearing “less acceptable than the general public perception”.

In addition, Google has made corresponding adjustments to hate speech control.

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