Microsoft improves Chromium version of Edge browser dark mode: more consistent style

Microsoft is currently testing the Chromium-based Edge browser. As part of the program, Microsoft is constantly adding new features and fixes to make sure it becomes a powerful browser before it is officially released.


Among all the new features that Microsoft has recently added, improvements to Dark Mode are especially noteworthy. The dark mode in Microsoft Edge Canary is now more consistent, and you can now find it in your browser’s Settings, History, Downloads, and Favorites pages.Previously, dark mode was only available on the flag page.

This means you don’t have to do anything extra to display dark mode on settings, downloads, history, and favorites pages. If you enable dark mode in your browser, it may also appear on these pages.

However, this work has not yet been completed. Since the warning space page of the Microsoft Edge browser has not been processed in dark mode, there is still an inconsistency.

There is currently a Chrome extension called Dark Reader that effectively turns an interstitial page into a dark mode.