Apple announced that it will port its four iOS applications to Mac OS. The four applications are news, voice memos, homes and stocks. But these apps are clearly not popular with Mac users, because these four “simply” apps don’t take full advantage of the Mac’s more powerful features than the iPhone.

The good news is that Apple is improving them. Earlier this month, Apple released a program catalyst that simplifies the process of porting all iOS apps to the Mac by all software makers. In an interview with WWDC in media CNET, Apple Software CEO Craig Federighi confirmed that the four Mac iOS apps released last year will be significantly updated based on the new technology applied in this catalyst. He also revealed that these applications will receive a new design, making them more like a Mac OS software.

“These applications are improving,” Federighi said. “The underlying architecture is mature. We’ve analyzed these applications and realized that they’re actually just two parts of a different process. Now it’s all unified. We’ve integrated it into a local Mac. The framework. The application we built last year is like this upgrade.”

Although most of this time is a conversation with developers – AppKit is used to build MacOS applications, UIKit is used to build iOS applications. But it’s obvious that for many Mac users, you can still look forward to updates to the four apps for news, voice memos, home and stock in MacOS 10.15.