watchOS 6 will support the update via OTA. No need to rely on iPhone to update.

watchOS 6 Beta 2 can manually update the smart watch without having to rely on iPhone to update again.Apple added a self-update feature (via OTA) of the Apple Watch since watchOS 6 Beta 1, but because the feature is not available because there is no new update, try it. Until last Monday, Apple Released Watch Os 6 Beta 2 for trial and, of course, can use that feature in the end.

However, at this time, even if the watch is updated directly But users still have to read the Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use) on the iPhone first. This work is hoped that the actual activation will work without having to rely on the iPhone anymore.If not counting watchOS 6 during the beta test, the update of the watchOS operating system must be done via iPhone only. Users must first open the Apple Watch app and order updates by themselves. But in the latter, we see Apple trying to make Apple Watch more independent from the iPhone, whether it’s an Apple Watch Series 3 that can connect to 3G / 4G manually, so there’s no need to carry iPhone to use and in the next version watchOS 6 that will have an App Store to use without having to rely on iPhone.