Windows 10’Sun Valley’ update, UI redesign with icon redesign in Win 95 Days:

Microsoft is said to be redesigning icons from the Windows 95 era to get rid of old designs like floppy disks. Windows 10 as part of Project Sun Valley, which is expected to launch during the 2021 holiday season, which typically means the last few months of the year. According to users who have access to some of these features through the latest preview builds currently being tested, it is known that this has finally moved away from the icon design used since Windows 95. 95 era, and new icons will come more consistent with the visual language of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Launcher. This change was found in the latest preview build of Windows 10 and a new set of modern icons for folders/options/buttons within the Shell32.DLL default shell module.
Some of the icons that will change include hibernation, globe, networking and floppy disk. The new options are more colorful and modern, and are probably expected to match the visual redesign planned for the fall update.

For example, the preview build still has an old tree icon for WinDirStat. Microsoft will change this in the near future, along with other icons throughout the OS, before the Sun Valley update is ready to be released.

Microsoft’s Windows 10’Sun Valley’ UI revamp has been reported to bring new design elements for File Explorer, Start Menu, and even Action Center. These elements feature better animations, modern designs and are transformed to have new features. This upcoming Windows 10 update is expected to release during the holiday season of 2021. The last design overhaul released by Microsoft was five years ago when the first Windows 10 update was released. Since then, the company has announced some adjustments, but has not completely reconsidered it.