Honor mobile phone confirms that Hongmeng OS can be upgraded! No castration in closed beta

Huawei mobile phones have begun internal testing of the Hongmeng OS 2.0 developer beta, and the official said it will push the upgrade on a large scale in June. So, can the Glory phone that has been “divided” still get Hongmeng OS?

The answer is yes.

Today, a digital blogger exposed the system screenshots of the Honor 30 Pro internal test Hongmeng OS . It can be seen that the system version is 2.0.0 developer version, and the processor of this machine is Kirin 990 5G.

According to reports, next month, the Honor 30 series, the Honor V30 series, and the Honor Play 4 Pro will all begin internal testing of Hongmeng OS.

Obviously, compared with Huawei phones, the adaptation progress of Honor phones to Hongmeng OS is much slower. This is understandable. After all, Honor uses MagicUI, which is not exactly the same as Huawei’s EMUI. Many details need to be adjusted. .

It is also said that the Hongmeng OS of the Honor mobile phone is a castrated version.