SONY posted a video showing the capabilities of the new sensor for mobile IMX686 at the top of the IMX586, a 48 Megapixel sensor first.

Sony decided to post a video suggesting the sensor on Weibo, the Chinese online social network (not original ), yet posted on YouTube or other social media. But after being posted, it has been downloaded and posted on YouTube already

The video does not explain or talk about the specification much (but IMX686 is expected to still be a high resolution sensor at 48 Megapixel or more, such as 64 Megapixel). Prototype circuit board connected to the computer (The mobile phone in the video is just a means of taking pictures from the camera only. Actually doesn’t work)

From the picture, you can see that Dynamic Range and HDR are quite good. Whether in backlit conditions Or have multiple light sources Including low light conditions, more beautiful than before Therefore expect that next year we will see mobile phones that use the IMX686 sensor up in the first place Mobile phones that take good pictures, of course