As AMD’s low core mainstream CPUs dominate the HEDT lineup, Intel can be in serious trouble.

As we all saw here and in a recent fight of outflow benchmarks and here Intel’s upcoming Cascade Lake-X HEDT chips seemed to be pounded by AMD’s Ryzen 3000 mainstream lineup. New leaked benchmarks have been announced, but they are still running as we have announced the unreleased Ryzen 9 3950X and the upcoming Intel Core i9-10980XE.

Thanks to the Twitter user @momomo_us for continuing to provide the data. The battle was Geekbench, and unfortunately, the beatings continued for Intel. First of all, we would like to say that there are some version variations between execution on Intel platforms running 4.3.4 and on AMD platforms running 4.4.2. Given this, we don’t think there can be a huge difference between versions.

As you can see, the 3950X has two cores and four threads compared to the 10980XE, and don’t forget that the Intel platform is running quad channel memory.
The X299’s memory is 128GB at 2666MHz, while the AMD Ryzen 3950X runs at 32GB at 2933MHz. While the Intel platform is running slightly slower memory, the quad channel nature of the platform makes it possible to use much more bandwidth at the gates of Intel devices.

It is also worth noting that these results were created for high workstation workloads on both Dell-based systems that would be Precision 5820 towers on Dell platforms.

The Ryzen part comes from the alleged Alienware Aurora desktop, which is probably the new top-end gaming desktop from Dell Gaming Arm. This may be the benchmark result performed by the Dell team to verify the performance and positioning of the new team.

Multicore scoring was quite surprising as the 3950X outperformed the 10980XE with fewer cores and threads than the Core i9-10980XE. The biggest surprise I think comes down to a single core score.

The 3950X wins with a score of 5570 vs 5453. This is not representative of all the available workloads, but when combined with other performance leaks, the future is highly anticipated. It’s desolate for Intel.

For many with this industry and PC enthusiasts, Intel excelled in performance with Conroe a decade ago.

Now the table has changed and Ryroe AMD’s Conroe asks again. And you can see another lead for 10 years, but this time Intel could not keep up with the game.