After developing One UI 2.0 (Android 10) for new phones like the Galaxy S10, Note 10, the next model that received the update is the Samsung Galaxy S9 .

For the country that received the first update, it is still inevitable. Germany, Lithuania, Spain and the United States. (Some networks). This update is quite large, approximately 1.8GB – 2GB depending on the model used. Of course, the One UI 2.0 update, the Android 10’s built-in system, has all the new features, including Gesture Navigation, Dark mode, and a number of new Samsung features such as screen recorder, Quick Setting, and more. More

According to the original schedule, the update will be released for the Samsung Galaxy S9 in April. Therefore, it is not possible to predict whether the update will have a bug or not. And will start to let us When will it be updated? But expect that it won’t be too long to wait