Your phone application , which allows you to manage the contents of a smartphone from your PC, now offers the possibility of making phone calls from your computer.

Microsoft continues to add new features to its Your Phone application . Until now, it was able to manage the content of a smartphone such as stored photos and videos, send or receive SMS from the PC, or receive notifications of the smartphone on Windows 10.

After several weeks of testing within the Insider program, Microsoft has announced the possibility of making and receiving calls from its smartphone from its PC.

Call from Windows 10

This new feature, long awaited, allows you to take and receive calls from your smartphone directly from your PC, without having to take it out of your pocket.

The application will allow you to dial any number or search for a contact saved in the smartphone’s address book, all without taking your eyes off the computer screen. Your Phone will also access the call log and allow calls to be transferred from the PC to the smartphone.