FydeOS for PC v5.2 Dev Releases

FydeOS for PC v5.2 Dev has been released recently, and this release of FydeOS is still an early version, which adds some new features and fixes for previous versions. It is worth mentioning that if you upgrade to this version through OTA, the virtual machine image required by Linux (beta) will not be upgraded. To upgrade this virtual machine image for a more stable native Linux experience, see this library documentation.

Updates include:

Allows the user to switch (Broadcom) wireless network card drivers and switch the touchpad mode of operation when first booting.

A graphical installer is provided for users to install FydeOS into the hard drive.

Fixed an issue where some models’ power information could not be displayed.

Added drivers and firmware for some wireless network adapters.

The startup of Linux (beta) and the built-in source are optimized.

There are some known issues and considerations as follows:

It takes a long (up to half an hour) waiting time to start Linux (beta) for the first time. Please be prepared for long waits.

In the Linux (beta) environment, Chinese input methods are temporarily unavailable, sounds cannot be used, and hardware graphics acceleration is not available.

After logging in to the system for the first time, the latest version of the support plugin and required files will be automatically downloaded from the FydeOS server. Please be patient. These programs are automatically installed after the download is complete, which can be found in the Application Launcher.

The Android subsystem and Android related functions are currently only compatible with Intel series graphics cards.