Adobe launches Photoshop running on Apple M1

Adobe announced on the 11th that it has released Photoshop that runs on the Mac operating system (OS) equipped with the Apple M1 chip.

According to Adobe, Photoshop running on the M1 performed an average of 1.5 times higher than previous generation systems with similar configuration across a wide range of features across a wide range of features.

Adobe has also launched a new feature that supports cloud document work in Photoshop for iPad and a super-resolution feature in Adobe Camera Raw plug-in.

Cloud document version history of Photoshop for iPad and the ability to support cloud document work offline are also introduced. In the future, Photoshop users for iPad will also be able to browse and revert jobs automatically stored in cloud documents for up to 60 days through version history of cloud documents. It is also possible to access, manage, and store copies of cloud documents even when offline. You can use this feature by moving to Cloud Documents from the home screen, and to free up storage space on the iPad, you can select’Online Only’ to remove the document from the local cache.

Adobe Camera Raw plug-in has also added’ultra-high resolution ‘. The ultra-high resolution function based on advanced machine learning technology keeps the boundaries of the image neat and preserves important details, helping to intelligently enlarge photos without blurring. Adobe Camera Raw plug-in’s ultra-high resolution features will be available in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic in the future.