Motorola has released a new feature called Ready For, a mode that transforms mobile phones into portable computers. When plugged into the screen via the HDMI port

If anyone feels this feature is so familiar, then there’s nothing wrong with it, since Samsung has been trying to push the Samsung DeX for years (since the Samsung Galaxy S8 four years ago) when users plug their phones into the screen. Will be able to display the computer on the monitor screen Full support for mouse, keyboard and multitasking.

Motorola models that use the Ready For feature right now only Motorola Edge Plus, if the user is not comfortable can plug in a USB Type C Hub to the mobile phone Motorola has a dock sold separately (starting at the end of April) for use as Hub for ports Such as keyboard, mouse for ease of use.

In the past, Motorola introduced the technology with the Motorola Atrix 4G that, when plugged into a dock, would turn itself into a Netbook, but the technology of that era was not as mature as it is now. Hardware performance is not very strong. And the Android operating system is still in the near future (Jelly Bean), so it is not surprising that the final response is not very good. And disappeared until Samsung initiated this idea again.