What about Facebook… 96% of US users who installed iOS 14.5 refused to’track the app’

A foreign press reported on the 8th (local time) that only 4% of US iOS users who installed Apple’s latest iOS version 14.5 agreed to track the app.

According to a recent survey conducted by Flury Analytics, a mobile data analytics and advertising company under Verizon Media, only about 12% of global users who installed iOS 14.5 allowed app tracking, and only 4% in the U.S. did.

Apple added a new feature called “app tracking transparency” to iOS 14.5. Developers must first obtain user permission to track users, and users can check which apps are allowed to track in’Settings’ and change settings.

As Apple introduces the’App Tracking Transparency’ function, it is observed that companies that use advertisements using personal information such as Facebook will inevitably suffer a blow. Facebook has a high dependence on the advertising business as $27.1 billion out of the total sales of $28 billion last year was advertising revenue.

When Facebook announced its first quarter results at the end of last month, it said, “The number of ad audiences may decrease in the second quarter.”