Just honor released the new flagship honor V20, the mobile uses a perforated screen, or the charm eye full screen. Although the Samsung Galaxy S10 also uses a perforated screen, the front camera will glow around. When performing face recognition or self-timer, this effect will be triggered.

The developers of the XDA Forum also produced the front camera image of the S10 series. It can be seen that whether it is a single-camera Samsung Galaxy S10 or a dual-camera Galaxy S10 Plus, the entire round hole is not always brightest. It is similar to the design of breathing lights and may also support customization.

The users who broke the news also provided two photos of the Galaxy S10. You can see that the top border of the mobile has a certain width, which may be symmetrical with the chin. The diameter of the hole on the screen of the mobile is relatively large, and the visual inspection is larger than the already released honor V20. It can be said that it can not bear to look straight. In addition, the screen opening of the mobile is in the upper left corner, and the previously exposed Galaxy S10 pictures are all in the upper right corner, so I suspect that the two photos may be modified by the Samsung Galaxy A8s, the front camera of the A8s is on the upper left. angle.

The Galaxy S10 series should be released at MWC 2019 next year. At the end of February, other netizens exposed the comparison of S10 Plus and iPhone X. The width of the chin is almost the same.