RTX2060 “Dessert Card” with 40% price increase and 60% performance improvement: Is it worth buying?

For the “60” level of graphics cards, people always look forward to a little more. Because this is the most cost-effective game graphics card that many people can afford. After a lapse of two years, the RTX 2060 with ray tracing technology is now finally released with CES. When this “dessert” really came out, some people were happy but some people were jealous.

The player expects the RTX 2060 to finally come.

Fortunately, according to NVIDIA official data, the RTX 2060 has a 60% performance improvementover the previous generation . Why do you want to add a quote here? From a rigorous point of view, this data is not obtained through our actual measurement, and the second increase is not a simple “60%” can be comprehensively summarized, we will discuss later.

Sadly, the RMX 2060 graphics card 349 US dollars, compared with the previous generation GTX 1060 graphics card 249 US dollars starting price, a solid increase of 100 US dollars, the price increase of up to 40%. Considering the impact of exchange rates and tariffs, the RTX 2060, which has once again raised its price by $100, be priced?

What improvements does the RTX 2060 bring?

Compared with the previous generation GTX 1060, the biggest change of the RTX 2060 is the adoption of a new Turing architecture that provides support for RTX effects. At the same time, the RTX 2060’s CUDA stream processor increased by 33% and improved the previous generation of small memory capacity. According to Nvidia , the RTX 2060 performs 60% faster than the GTX 1060 in most games and is superior to the higher-end GTX 1070 Ti graphics card from previous generations.

The RTX 2060 has 120 TMU texture units, 48 ROP raster units, and 240 Tensor tensor cores and 30 RT ray tracing cores. The latter two parameters mainly support the new features of the RTX platform. In terms of the number of RT fiber tracking cores, the RTX 2060 is just half of the top-end RTX 2080 Ti (72).

Comparison of core parameters of two generations of graphics cards (tomshardware)

Although the RTX 2060 graphics card brings enough performance boost to the players, the RTX 2060 consumes a little more power than the GTX 1060’s 120W, and is certainly priced at $100. At present, the listed non-public version of the graphics card is listed at a price of 483 dollar,officially breaking through the 480 dollar mark!

Is RTX 2060 worth buying?

It’s not a question that’s not worth it, but you want to be “still happy” experience RTX effects and top game masterpieces, then the RTX 2060 graphics card is currently the cheapest option and your only choice.

RTX 2060 measured “Battlefield 5” (tomshardware)

The internationally renowned hardware website Tomshardware has actually tested the ray tracing performance of the RTX 2060 graphics card in Battlefield 5. The data shows that the RTX 2060 is still perfect for full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. The DXR Ultra level effect is turned on to meet an average of 60 frames.

Limited performance improvement on the classic game “GTA5”

But Tomshardware also tested some classic old games. For example, in the classic “GTA5”, the RTX 2060 graphics card is less obvious than the GTX 1060, only about 30%. The average number of frames is basically inconsistent with the GTX 1070 Ti.

So the question of not buying an RTX 2060 graphics card is actually a good answer. To play a new RTX game masterpiece, you have no choice but to buy and buy! If you are a nostalgic player, don’t catch a new game, but considering that the current GTX 1070Ti is also priced at around $349, basically the same as the RTX2060, there may be some small tangles.

Have to admire the old yellow card position and the accuracy of pricing, how much to spend to buy a lot of performance, steady.

Is RTX 2060 a dessert?

In people’s traditional consciousness, the so-called upgrade is “the performance improvement on the basis of constant price.” Why do people have such an idea, perhaps rooted in the famous Moore’s Law.

When the price is constant, the number of components that can be accommodated on an integrated circuit will double every 18-24 months, and performance will double.

However, with the bottleneck in the development of the chip industry and the shrinking background of the DIY industry, whether Moore’s Law is still valid has long been questioned. The price of video cards is becoming more and more expensive, and it also highlights the current lack of effective competition in the industry.

Today’s PC game market can no longer be compared with the same day ten years ago. When mobile phones have become the first choice for mass entertainment consumption, video cards are gradually developing towards niche and high-end. Especially in the rise of e-sports, the DIY definition has evolved from “price-performance ratio” to “light luxury”.

The “60” graphics card of that year, after years of development, has gradually evolved from the demand of popularization to the positioning of the mid-to-high-end market. This is in response to the changing market demand and the inevitability of meeting the profit margin of the manufacturer. No matter what complaints and incomprehensions we have, these have become irreversible facts.

RTX 2060 is still a “dessert” today at today’s price of 349 dollar ?

I believe that everyone has their own answers in this matter. But in my opinion, for hardcore PC gamers or e-sports players, the RTX 2060 is still a “dessert.” Looking at it from another angle, the RTX 2060 is the price and performance of the GTX 1070Ti. It is free to upgrade the RTX effects.Is it better to accept some?