Instagram may soon pay people who make reels:

All you need to knowA Facebook-owned company is developing a “Bonuses” feature that allows creators to monetize by creating Reels on Instagram.

Instagram has introduced Reels to give its users a good alternative to TikTok, and now the company seems to want to give users another reason to use TikTok. Facebook is working on a “bonus” feature that allows companies to make money by making producer reels stake.This feature was first discovered by developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

One of the screenshots shared by the developer confirms that the “bonus” option is available to the creator, not to the average user. The screenshot also suggests that the creators will get paid for each time they upload a new reel.The company hasn’t disclosed any criteria for this yet, but rumor mills suggest that people with good upload volume or audience engagement metrics will have access to monetization options.There may be a “bonus threshold” that users must reach to earn money on Reel. Screenshots indicate that you can also track your earnings progress. Instagram will also continue to add new revenue opportunities, asking creators to pay attention.This feature is still in development, and Instagram has not yet officially confirmed its existence. The company is likely to launch soon as a new “Insight” feature has been added recently to give Reels users better clarity on performance. This feature is available for reels and live reels.For Reels, Instagram displays new metrics including Plays, Accounts Reached, Likes, Comments, Saves, and Shares. In the case of Live, users will receive data about the accounts reached, maximum concurrent viewers, comments and shares. The company will also include these metrics in Account Insights to give you a broad picture of how Reels and Live shape your account’s performance.Creators need this to perform better and get bonuses on Instagram. “We know it’s important to understand more about how content is distributed, so we created a new breakdown that gives you transparency about the types of accounts you’re trying to reach and the types of content that are most effective in driving your reach,” the company said