Facebook quietly launches a memes creation app called whale

Experimental apps were created by the company’s NPE team.

The Internet is built on glorious and glorious memes. It’s no surprise that Facebook wants to make this awesome joke along with messages, photo sharing and everything else that’s part of the current Zuckerberg empire. By Info + Report, the company’s internal NPE team has quietly released an app that creates a whale meme called the Canadian App Store. You can upload your own photos or choose from your company’s stock library before adding the desired virus combination of text, emoji, and filters. Whales have a variety of grid layouts, and if you’re really creative, there are freehand drawing tools.

NPE (short for New Product Experimentation) was set up as an experimental Facebook app a few months ago. The team’s previous efforts include Bump, a chat app that helps strangers connect simple icebreaker questions, and Aux, a group listening app that can compete with the group’s virtual auxiliary cable. All three applications are aimed at young smartphone owners who are currently obsessed with TikTok and Twitch. The Instagram team adds TikTok-inspired features to the app, but Facebook makes sense to make small and arguably more original bets on mobile.

Are whales released worldwide? We will not bet on it. Facebook launches the experimental app faster and closes faster (Slingshot?) Unless it takes off from the initial test market.

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