Previously, developer Geosn0w announced the launch of the OsirisJailbreak12 jailbreak tool on January 31st, which is the first jailbreak to support iOS 12. However, it should be noted that this version of the jailbreak tool is not perfect, waiting for further integration by other developers.

About iOS12.0~12.1.2 system jailbreak progress Now there is a new message, Pwn20wnd (unc0ver) in Twitter said that unc0ver V3.0.0~B27 has supported iOS 12 mount root partition read and write, with FilzaEscaped system file management The device can modify the font and system files. The plan is to release a new jailbreak after the public beta is ready, meaning that the iOS 12 full jailbreak is about to hit. Developers said that Apple has not yet closed iOS12.1.1 beta 3 system verification, which means you can downgrade the system version, waiting for the full version of iOS 12 to be jailbroken.