YouTube should be chilled with annoying premium spam.

You’ve pissed me off for weeks on YouTube. I started to feel that I had to pay $ 11.99 a month to sign up for YouTube Premium to get rid of the annoying popups that Google sends almost daily. We decided to place pop-up ads in our YouTube app for premium subscriptions. This feels a bit acceptable at first, but Google has also said that with the option to do it permanently, death, sometimes as a full screen spam, had to fire them so you can see them all the fucking time.

It’s a classic growth hack designed for more people to use YouTube Music or YouTube Premium. You already subscribe to Spotify, which is far superior to YouTube Music, and you don’t pay $ 11.99 to reduce the number of background plays for YouTube ads and videos on your phone. It’s a meaningless subscription that Google is trying to improve its service, compete fairly with others, and most importantly, stab the neck instead of focusing on the customer experience.Our efforts will never affect YouTube Music or YouTube Premium. I never hate these two services up to the point of swearing at my phone like a fool. Just because this stubborn ad keeps appearing on top of the YouTube video I want to watch.While Google hopes to participate solely in that effort, it’s old technology that other big technology companies that control the major platforms have recently experimented with. Apple decided to use marketing push notifications for full-screen ads on the new Apple TV Plus subscription service and the Apple TV hardware itself.Microsoft has also taken steps to break into Windows 10 with annoying ads for OneDrive, Edge browser, and more. Thankfully, Microsoft has relaxed and changed the way, and Apple’s notification is a one-off.Google also uses a similar trick to force people to use Chrome. There are many notifications to switch to Chrome if you don’t use Google Search, and many Google web services offer little support for competing browsers when they first debut. In addition, Microsoft uses notifications on web pages to make people use Edge or Bing, and sometimes it feels like a continuous, rather than a one-time message.If you’re a Google, Apple, or Microsoft customer who likes to use services from other companies, all of this behavior is very annoying. Use a Windows PC every day with iPhone 11 Pro for Google web services and mobile needs. Don’t pay $ 11.99 a month to get rid of stupid messages when using YouTube, I hope these things work better.In addition, competition is fierce. Apple, Google, and Microsoft keep third-party developers from overusing the platform with these types of pop-ups, so why do you think it’s okay that these big tech companies have control?I just want to open the YouTube app and not count the seconds until one of these popups appears.