It’s been reported that YouTube is developing a new verification feature to boost creators’ copyright and revenue.

YouTube is currently known as a video streaming platform that is popular with both young and old. Content creators who make money through YouTube can earn money through video views and advertisements.

However, because it is a special platform called video, there are many sensitive matters about contents of each video, namely copyright, and in some cases, videos and channels that were played well were suddenly stopped and deleted due to lack of consultation regarding copyright. .

YouTube said it is developing a self-authentication feature that not only raises the revenue of YouTube content creators but also notifies or filters videos that do not comply with YouTube video copyright rules.

As currently analyzed, it is expected to introduce a YouTube self-review system that will not be exploited using the self-authentication function. With the introduction of this certification tool, the majority of YouTube content creators will increase in copyright and revenue. It is being analyzed.