YouTube, Apple and Amazon also lower streaming quality in Europe

European network overload concerns in Corona19 situation

Global streaming service companies in Europe have decided to lower the image transmission quality.

Corona 19 is expected to overload network operators in Europe as users stay in their homes and use video streaming services.

After Netflix preemptively lowered the quality of streaming video transmission, YouTube, Apple TV Plus, and Amazon Prime took the same steps.

According to The Next Web on the 23rd (local time), YouTube limited the streaming quality in Europe to 480p resolution.

The policy is to set YouTube’s 480p resolution as the default value in Europe, and to attract such a policy for 30 days. This policy direction also includes the UK, which has withdrawn from the EU.

Amazon has not revealed a clear standard for image quality for the Amazon Prime service, but said it will lower data rates.

Apple also plans to lower the image quality of the video streaming service based on 670p resolution.

The move by video streaming service companies is at the request of the European Union. The European government is taking measures to maintain the network quality by reducing the quality of data transmission.

The gap between the Internet network infrastructure established by domestic telecommunication companies and the networks established by advanced European countries is quite large. The move to Corona 19 is limited, and the use of Internet services in the home increases, so it is necessary to consider the environment in Europe, where network overload is a concern.

The proportion of data traffic occupied by video streaming services is the largest. This is the background of the inevitable choice of European authorities to reduce traffic even with relatively blurry image quality by lowering the bit rate because the service cannot be stopped.