Xperia series mobiles may get Android 10 update to improving multiple defects

The Xperia XZ2 series, Xperia XZ3, Xperia 1, and Xperia 5 have already been updated in most countries / regions, but the impression that this Android 10 has many bug reports.

This site also deals with multiple problems such as abnormal heat generation, abnormal battery consumption, freezes, restarts, application updates not possible, application drops, and noise problems, and it is also reported that some have improved with the latest updates.

However, most of the bugs are still abandoned, and the bug reports of Xperia after updating to Android 10 are not lost on the net.

Meanwhile, I found an interesting post on XDA related to this.

I was talking to customer support other day and he told me they are preparing for “semi-major” update for all Xperia with Adnroid 10 (meaning from Xperia XZ2 series to XZ5)

He said this is likely coming with May security patch, and fix fingerprint sensor issue, noise / crack sound issue, lag / app force-close issue etc.

XDA users reported this as information from Sony Mobile customer support, and the company is currently preparing a “semi-major update” for Xperia (Xperia XZ2 series to Xperia 5) with Android 10 .

This update will improve multiple problems such as sound crackling and noise, malfunction of fingerprint authentication sensor, sluggish operation and dropped apps .

In addition, this update is provided in conjunction with the May security patch is the that there is likely to be.

I think that a semi-major update in the past refers to a change in OS version such as Andorid 10 → Android 10.1, but there is no recent X.1 update for Android.

Therefore, it seems to be a semi-major update on the firmware version, not on the OS.

However, if you call it that way, you can expect some major bug fixes and performance improvements.

On the other hand, after the Android 10 update, it seems that there are quite a lot of bugs on models other than Xperia, and as a whole, it seems that there are many problems with Android 10 as a whole, rather than problems specific to Xperia.

In any case, this is the same as the security patch in May, so it seems that this “quasi-major update” will be provided to the domestic carrier version Xperia by the end of May.

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