Xperia bug after Android 10, improvement method is app update from safe mode

Numerous bugs that have occurred in Xperia after updating to Android 10 .

The app does not open, restarts, freezes, black screen, fever, abnormal battery consumption , etc. It is an impression that the symptoms are severe.

In addition, it seems that some level of trouble has occurred that makes the terminal almost useless.

On the other hand, there are several ways to remedy this series of bugs on the net, and here are some of the most effective ones using safe mode.

How to improve Xperia after Android 10 Appde (safe mode)

・ Press and hold the power button for more than 1 second (while the power is on) → Long touch [Power off] → [OK]

・ Turn off the terminal

・ Remove microSD card if inserted

・ Start the terminal

・ Press and hold the power button for more than 1 second (while the power is on) → Long touch [Power off] → [OK]

– Open the Play Store app, the update can be apps one by one to update

-At this time, the Android system Webview may be held persistently, but all updates and stops are repeated

・ Turn off the power when all apps are updated

・ Insert microSD card

・ Start the terminal

In addition, this method is based on the content posted in the comment section of this article .

There are several possible causes after this Android 10 update, but it seems that the main cause is apparently the “update not completed” of the Google Play store and some applications.

On the other hand, after all, it seems difficult to identify which app is causing the problem.
So the solution is to update all apps to the latest version after the Android 10 update.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily improve the Android 10 update .

However, even if this does not completely solve the problem, there should be no negative side.
Please try once.

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