Xioami revealed some of the features of MIUI 11 and hinted that “is almost released.”

The company is developing MIUI 11, which is their own user interface that covers the Android operating system. The product manager and design director of MIUI has revealed some information about the MIUI 11.

Product Director and Head of Operations for MIUI hinted that the launch of MIUI 11 will certainly happen. Not too long ago, Xiaomi announced that MIUI 11 was placed as “New operating system that is unique” and has many new features. Including the solution to an advert that likes to appear on the screen Previously, Xiao Mi announced that Will adjust and monitor various advertisements on MIUI, with the reduction of the number of ads And will be reduced again in the next month and will also create a switch off the ads into MIUI within the next 2 months

In which Xiaomi wants to create a MIUI that looks cleaner, lighter, more machine Which appears to occur in MIUI 11, with MIUI 11 having a new icon system That was completely redesigned with a unified design And will have the highest power saving mode Which will leave only the telephone and text systems The screen turns black and white. To save energy The user will be able to customize the power saving mode as well. If you want any apps to be able to use More than that, MIUI 11 will automatically delete the screen image after sharing. The status bar will be adjusted. And there will be many apps that support dark mode of MIUI 11


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