WINDOWS GIF search, voice typing and more are coming to Windows 10


Voice typing is introduced as a “new and improved” version of Windows dictation. The new version has been optimized for use with touch keyboards, has auto-punctuation and back end updates that should make voice typing faster and more responsive. You can also use voice commands to stop or pause voice typing and to delete or select certain words.

The voice typing feature has a button on the touch keyboard for easy access. The touch keyboard has been updated in other ways, including new key press animations and sounds, emoji and GIF search and small tweaks to key sizes and layouts.

An exact timeline for when those of us who aren’t beta testers will get these new features is unclear, but if you want to try them now you can simply sign up for the Windows Insider program. There are also a handful of developer-focused changes that you can read about at the Windows Blog.

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