Playing cards, minesweeping, presumably are the game s that many PC users are familiar with.

Just recently, “Empty Solitaire” reached a new achievement and was selected into the Video Game Hall of Fame of the Strong Museum of Play. This luxury palace lineup already has “Destroyer”, “Tetris” and “World of Warcraft”. 》 and other legendary works.

According to the data, “Card” was first introduced as a pre-installed game for Windows 3.0. In addition to entertainment, there is also a purpose to help users become familiar with mouse operations. Almost before Windows 7, “Library” hasn’t changed much, and it has always been a system bundle game. Until Windows 8, Microsoft replaced it with a richer card game.

Of course, from the perspective of the game, Minesweeper is actually better. After all, in the real world, we can play cards, but Minesweeper can only be experienced on the computer scre