Foreign media such as Neowin reported on the 7th (local time) that the performance of the NVMe SSD deteriorates in a PC installed with Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS) Windows 11.

Reportedly, Windows 11 users have been reporting NVMe SSD performance degradation through various online forums over the past few months. It is known that performance degradation issues are appearing in various brands of SSD products, and that this applies to both PCIe Gen 4 and Gen 3 SSDs.

For certain NVMe drives, IOPS (I/Os per second) performance was degraded, while read/write speeds were also degraded on other drives. Reported performance degradation issues are generally based on comparisons with Windows 10.

One user with a Samsung 970 Evo Plus model claimed on Reddit that “SSD random write performance has been reduced by nearly 50% compared to Windows 10.” The problem with SSD performance in Windows 11 is not new. Reported during the beta test period, but still unresolved, foreign media pointed out.

The MS Filesystems team is currently investigating the issue, but it is not yet known when it will be resolved.