The October 10 update of Windows 10 v1809 is the most sad reminder of the various versions of the system. After the official push in early October, major bugs were discovered and had to be withdrawn urgently. Since then, a series of large and small problems have been discovered.

Although the revised version began to be re-launched in November, in order to prevent the push rhythm, many people can’t receive it on Windows Update. They can only download the image upgrade manually.

Now, after two and a half months of re-engineering, Windows 10 v1809 has finally resumed full push, and now anyone can upgrade directly if they are interested.

Microsoft has clearly stated in the v1809 version update history page that since December 17 (US time), Windows 10 v1809 has been fully pushed to advanced users. As long as you manually check the update on Windows Update, you can receive and directly download and upgrade.

However, Microsoft will still not push the new version directly to everyone through Windows Update, or is selectively pushing in batches.

In addition, Windows 10 will continue to maintain the rhythm of two major updates every year, but will change the naming method. For example, the first edition of next spring will be called Windows 10 19H1, and the second edition of autumn will be Windows 10 19H2. V1903, v1909.