This morning (December 20th), Microsoft promised to push the Windows 10 19H1 new preview version of Build 18305 for Fast Channel’s Insider members.

The content of this update is very rich, and due to the addition of the “Sandbox” parallel sandbox system, it is also very order of magnitude.

First, Windows Sandbox (sandbox) online

“Sandbox” is a set of desktop systems that are isolated and run in Win10. When you encounter an unexplained executable file (.exe.msi.bat, etc.), you can “try it out” in the sandbox. Even if there is a scam, exiting the sandbox is equivalent to nothing happened, and all files and traces will be permanently deleted.

To open the sandbox, you need Win10 Professional or Enterprise Edition, which is located in Settings – Applications and Features – Turn Windows features on or off.

Second, simplify the start menu layout

Tiles support single-column rendering and will serve as the default layout. Of course, unless you have a new installation, direct OTA, the original start menu style will be retained, you need to manually switch to simplify the layout.

Third, adjust the history of the clipboard UI

Clipboard history can be opened with Win+V, new history entries are more compact

Fourth, secret login

A Microsoft account that is bound to a mobile phone can be logged in using a verification code, fingerprint, or the like. In addition, if you forget the Pin code, you can use the Microsoft account to reset directly on the lock screen page.

Five, task manager startup page label customization

Sixth, the new settings interface

Add account avatars and most frequently used features at the top, such as checking for updates, managing accounts, and more.

Seven, the resource manager can choose a new “friendly dates” format

Eight, shadow special effects regression

Nine, Office APP launched, used to centrally manage files or find all available Office solutions, such as local client directly call, if not, link to Office online version.