If your computer encounters a Windows problem and fails when trying to recover automatically, Windows 10 will now automatically remove these “bad” updates. In the new support documentation, Microsoft now details an interesting feature in which Windows 10 will automatically remove installed updates to fix startup issues and other errors that prevent PC startup. In this document, Microsoft explained that Windows may automatically install updates to ensure your device is secure and smooth.Windows updates are prone to errors or hardware-induced errors for a variety of reasons, including software and driver compatibility issues. In some cases, Windows Update may not be installed successfully.

After installing the latest update, if your PC encounters a boot failure and automatically attempts to recover, Windows may resolve the failure by uninstalling the most recently installed update. In this case, the user may receive a notification with the following message:

“We removed some recently installed updates to recover the device from a failed startup,” the message shows. Microsoft said that Windows will also automatically prevent problematic updates from being automatically installed within the next 30 days. Within these 30 days, Microsoft and its partners will investigate the cause of the failure and try to resolve the issue. After the issue is resolved, Windows will try to install the update again.”

To ensure that your device is up and running as expected, Windows also prevents automatic installation of problematic updates for the next 30 days.

This will give Microsoft and partners the opportunity to investigate failures and resolve any issues. After 30 days, Windows will try to install the update again, Microsoft explained.

Users are still free to reinstall updates. If you think you should not delete the update, you can manually reinstall the previously uninstalled driver or quality update.