Windows 10 brightness bug fixed

Microsoft issued a notice saying that they have fixed an annoying bug in Windows 10, and this bug has already made many users very upset.

Windows 10 brightness

One of the biggest worries in Windows 10 before is the way the operating system sets the screen brightness, because no matter how you set it, the brightness will automatically increase when you switch from one mode to another, and it will be painful to use the computer at night. The same problem occurs when switching from battery power to the charger. 

Windows 10 brightness

According to Microsoft’s statement, Windows 10 does ignore user settings and change the brightness to a predefined level.

Microsoft stressed that they are modifying the display brightness behavior so that this does not happen again. If the user adjusts their display brightness, the system will now remember that brightness as their preferred brightness, whether they are using a battery or connected to a charger, this new behavior can lead to a more consistent and battery friendly experience.

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