Win10 is more user-friendly! Task Manager tabs, Action Center shortcuts are customizable

Do you think Windows 10 is getting better and better?

According to the hacker Albacore, in the new version of Windows 10 19H1, the Task Manager has a little more user-friendly changes, that is, the “tags” that allow custom default display, including “process”, “performance”, “application history” Start “Users” “Details” and “Services”.

windows task manager

Previously, CPU, graphics, memory, disk, and network sub-items were already customizable, and now it’s a step further, creating a task manager that is entirely your own.


In addition, the same is to enhance the “custom”, Albacore also broke the news, the Windows development team has put the “editing center” shortcut custom editing function on the agenda , in the future, in addition to system-level brightness, volume, Wi-Fi, positioning, etc. Features, also supports three-party programs.