The operating system is the soul of smart phones. Huawei is about to launch a system based on Linux to integrate computers, mobile phones, automobiles and other equipment, named “Hongmeng” system. Recently, a number of Egyptian media released a report about Huawei’s launch of its own “Hongmeng” system, saying that China’s Huawei announced that its new operating system “HongMeng”, which was developed in 2012, will be 60% faster than Google’s Android system,what is going on?

Today, in the global smartphone market, Google’s Android system and Apple’s iOS system have monopolized 99.9% of the world’s mobile operating systems. Domestic operating systems with completely independent intellectual property rights have always been the expectation of countless people, but the difficulty is not something that can be achieved in the short term. However, Huawei did it. Since 2012, Huawei has independently developed an operating system named “Hongmeng” system, which is intended to be a substitute for Google’s Android system.

Recently, Huawei has been squandered by Google and Microsoft for disabling the operating system. In Egypt, a number of local media have launched an article about China’s Huawei announced that its new operating system, HongMeng, will be more developed than Google. The Android system is 60% faster.

So why do you say that Huawei’s Hongmeng system is 60% faster than Android? What is going on?

Google’s Android system is based on Linux development. Huawei’s “Hongmeng” system is also based on Linux development, and a lot of optimization for Linux. Previously, Huawei launched the self-developed EROFS super file system, which is based on the application developed by Huawei Ark compiler. The performance of the Android system can be improved several times. The Huawei Hongmeng system with the EROFS and Ark compilers integrated on the bottom is naturally much faster than the Android system.

As we all know, Android programmers write APP using JAVA high-level language, packaged into APK to Android system. Since the Android system does not understand the JAVA high-level language, it must be understood (converted into machine language) by means of real-time translation (JAVA virtual machine). Because of the “translation” step, the fluency of Android has always been better than Apple iOS. The Ark compiler, before the APK is packaged, unified the command into a machine language that the Android system can read, which means that the “translation” step is omitted, and the efficiency is naturally higher.

It is reported that Huawei will release a new system in the fourth quarter of 2019. Huawei is currently testing the system and the number of test machines will reach 1 million. At that time, will you buy a mobile phone from Huawei’s new system?