The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is getting worse every day. While also providing fake news for suggestions on how to prevent Or the method of treating all over and over until not knowing which one is true and which are fake … Making the World Health Organization or WHO developing apps that can tell the facts of this virus Including ways to protect yourself properly For users of both Android and iOS to download for free In not long

The app will be called WHO MyHealth, in which the app development team will have the elite, such as former employees from Google, Microsoft, experts from various circles. Including a team of consultants from the WHO and for the roadmap of this app The team intends to launch the WHO MyHealth app on both Android and iOS mobile devices on Monday 30 March 2020. The app will contain information About the COVID-19 virus that WHO used to use the Chatbot system in WhatsApp before.

There’s also a brief visual UI of the WHO MyHealth app, showing that the main menu will have the topic Protect Yourself (How to Protect Yourself), WHO Myth-busters (Collecting Fake News Facts). And Travel Advice (travel advice)

WHO Chatbot on WhatsApp

Expected in the actual app that was launched Will add other topics, such as the COVID-19 situation notification in the user area. Or data for analyzing rough symptoms That the risk of infection

Is considered a good app That everyone should download and install in this situation Because as I said, there are a lot of rumors or fae news all over the internet Including deceptive apps in the Play Store, which is equally equally. Now, Google has to block the search for apps with the names of Coronavirus and COVID-19 completely.