Windows Phone users today have access to popular messengers. It’s over because support for the mobile operating system is ending. But old Android smartphones and iPhone users should also worry.

WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messenger in the world. Nearly 2 billion people around the world use WhatsApp to stay in touch with family, friends or acquaintances. But it’s over now. Since support ends on December 31, 2019, approximately 400,000 Windows Phone users will only be able to use Messenger today.

This phone is affected by WhatsApp.

In February 2020, WhatsApp will also end support for older Android and iOS operating systems. Then you can no longer use WhatsApp on iPhones running iOS 8 or later, such as Android smartphones running Android 2.3.7 or later and iPhone 4. There are two ways to stay in touch with your loved one. We recommend that you buy a new smartphone first. Even in low-cost models under 100 euros, you can use the messenger without any problem. On the other hand, you can convince them to switch to friends and other messengers. There are a lot of WhatsApp alternatives.

WhatsApp Chat: Only old data can be taken away.
WhatsApp allows related users to import their accounts into other operating systems. At a minimum, you can copy groups and contacts this way. Chat history, including photos and videos, is lost due to changes. Under no circumstances should you delete your existing account or uninstall any apps before setting up a new device.

WhatsApp: Messenger Add Change
The newsletter sending feature was removed from WhatsApp in early December. WhatsApp tries to prevent fake news and spam in its own system. The ruling of the Munich District Court, which banned the use of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram due to patent infringement, could soon become more dramatic for all WhatsApp users.