You will surely tell us that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the two most popular chat apps in the world. Users count on billions, and that’s why we need to work hard to get the best software support. WhatsApp received an update today. See what’s new on.

WhatsApp received an update

If you use WhatsApp, you should naturally have the latest version installed. Today, users have seen a little improvement in the form of an update that allows you to view your app contacts in the share list when you want to post content from another application (or other device).

It’s a thing that has been largely absent, and has also made it easier for you to share whatspape content from, for example, the web , or any other application that can share your list.

In addition, if you have been informed about the latest major update , just remember that the popular chat app has been supporting dark mode for a few weeks now. Learn how to activate it in this article. Be sure to update and enjoy all the new features!