WhatsApp makes it possible to check forwarded messages online

WhatsApp makes it possible to look up the text of forwarded messages via Google. Users should be able to check quickly whether the message is from a reliable source. A test is currently running with that feature.

The feature should be available soon, reports WhatsApp parent company Facebook against Nu.nl . “The feature is currently being tested and we look forward to rolling it out in the near future,” a spokesperson told the news site.

The new function is visible through the magnifying glass icon next to the message. When users press that, WhatsApp copies and pastes the text into a Google search box. This allows users to quickly see whether the text is from a reliable source or not. Android Police noted the test .

The magnifying glass is one of the functions that WhatsApp uses to combat the spread of disinformation through its platform. The chat app has been marking forwarded messages as such for some time. In addition, WhatsApp is working with the World Health Organization on ways in which users can obtain reliable information about the new corona virus. WhatsApp called last week not to just send information about the virus.

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