WhatsApp: Android beta finally arrives with dark mode

WhatsApp, the most downloaded application in the world in 2019, finally offers a dark mode. The latter is only accessible in beta version, for the moment. This is the last step before propelling this feature on all Android smartphones.

In March 2019, we had wind of the first leak concerning this dark mode of WhatsApp. And as expected, the application of Mark Zuckerberg chooses dark grey rather than pure black, considered less tiring for the eyes

It is finally here!

The last beta update of WhatsApp (2.20.13) therefore embeds, for the first time, the dark mode. Like many applications, including Messenger, the user can choose between a white (light) mode and a dark (dark grey) mode. Some already regret that it is not completely black, more optimized for OLED screens and battery saving

For those who are part of the WhatsApp beta program, a simple update is enough to receive this functionality. Otherwise, it is still possible to obtain it by downloading the APK directly. To change the theme, go to the discussion settings. You will have the choice between the two “modes”, or an “automatic” mode which will use them depending on the day.

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