Today we talked about the running memory of the phone.

The Vivo NEX dual-screen version was officially released on December 11, 2018. The flagship machine is all 10GB running memory, which means that the “10GB” era of smartphones has quietly arrived.

Let’s first take a look at the history of mobile phone memory development:

In September 2013, the first 3GB memory phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released.

In January 2015, the first 4GB memory phone ASUS ZenFone 2 was released.

In March 2016, the first 6GB memory phone vivo Xplay 5 was released;

In January 2017, the first 8GB memory phone ASUS ZenFone AR was released.

It can be seen that the upgrade speed of memory capacity has become slow since 8GB. It can be said that the peak of the memory capacity of most Android mobile phone manufacturers is 8GB.

“Performance uselessness” and “over-performance theory” have once again become hot topics on the Internet. I believe that with the advent of 10GB, this kind of sound will also be furniture, not only let us make a big question mark, 10GB RAM really has Is it necessary?

Is 10GB RAM really necessary?

Below I will analyze this matter for everyone.

First of all, we must understand that the size of the phone’s memory does not have much to do with the speed of operation. The larger the phone’s memory, the more programs it can run at the same time.

The 4GB iPhone XS Max can run 43 programs at the same time, but the 10GB of the vivo NEX dual-screen version can run 89 programs at the same time.

In this storage is getting bigger and bigger, users have not shut down, clear background habits now, 10GB fluency is significantly better than the mainstream 4G, 6G storage.

Vivo NEX dual-screen version relies on dual screens, which will send out many different ways of playing. For example, when eating chicken, the back A/B area can also act as two basic buttons. The two screens work simultaneously, in order to prevent excessive memory usage. Upgrading to 10GB RAM is a complement to each other.

Of course, you enter the game to load the effort, to brush microblogging, relying on 10GB RAM, fluency can also be handy.

After finishing the chicken, let’s take a look at the news of the king’s glory. The January S14 season ushered in the biggest update in history, the new master appeared, the new map optimization, the river has a splash effect, the new stream effect, the red and blue buff redo, These are all great ways to improve the game experience, and the game scheduling mechanism is bound to widen.

Poorly performing mobile phones can only be played with low quality, while high performance can achieve high quality throughout the process, which is also the advantage of the 10GB vivo NEX dual screen version.

For example, people who don’t play games can use 4GB of memory, but if you play “eat chicken” every day, the memory is not 8G, 10G is a very big torture. On the other hand, the improvement of mobile phone RAM can solve the problem of Android at this stage