What are the new features of Samsung One UI 3.0? Let you know once here

With the official launch of the Android 11 system, in addition to Google’s own, all brands equipped with the Android system have also begun to prepare to update their smartphones to Android 11; and Samsung also announced the launch of Android-based for users in the United States and South Korea. 11’s One UI 3 developer test plan.As for the new features of One UI 3.0? Samsung also announced a list of all the new features of One UI 3, including the ability to double-click on the desktop to turn off the screen, hold down the App icon to display a list of all related Widgets, and even use your own picture or Customized appearance of the movie.

The following is a list of all the new features of One UI 3.0:Main screen

  • Press and hold the App icon to add related widgets
  • Double-click a blank part of the desktop to close the screen

Lock screen

  • More picture types are added to the dynamic lock screen, and now users can choose more than one category.
  • Improve lock screen widgets

Quick panel

  • Added independent dialog and media fields in the drop-down menu (new features in Android 11)


  • Improved the widget for AOD screen

Assistance tools

  • According to the function used by the user, the available assist tools are recommended
  • Shortcuts to assist tools can be easily set in the settings
  • The sound sensor can now be shared with other SmartThings devices such as TVs and lamps

Samsung keyboard

  • The keyboard settings can now be found in the general settings, and the keyboard setting options have also been reordered to put the more important settings first

Samsung DeX

  • Can be connected to a compatible TV wirelessly
  • Added multi-touch gestures on the trackpad, allowing users to easily change the screen display ratio or font size


  • When the user clicks the back button, add a website function that prevents the user from being redirected to another URL
  • If the website displays too many notifications or pop-up windows, you can display a warning or block the website
  • Rearrange options, add multiple plug-ins, including web page translation
  • The status bar can be hidden when browsing the website
  • The maximum number of pages increased to 99
  • Pagination can be locked or rearranged
  • Redesign the appearance of the tab bar
  • The network side panel function will no longer be supported

Contact person and phone

  • Add the function to quickly delete duplicate contacts
  • Enhance the experience of searching for contacts

Phone/call background

  • Users can personalize the call screen with their own pictures and videos


  • Support message trash can function, temporarily store deleted messages

Call/Send SMS on another device

  • This function can be turned on or off through Bixby Routines


  • In monthly view and event view, events with the same start time will not be displayed together
  • Rearrange options for joining or editing events
  • Re-adjust the layout of the full-screen alarm


  • Re-adjust the screen layout of the screen alarm

Digital Health and Parental Control

  • A new trend is added to the weekly report, and users can see the comparison between this week and last week’s usage
  • Include the time spent on mobile phones while driving in the weekly report
  • Add widget to the lock screen, users can see the current screen opening time without unlocking the phone
  • Support personal and work mode, screen open time is calculated separately


  • Improve auto focus and auto exposure function
  • Improve the anti-shake function when shooting the moon with the high zoom function

Photo editor

  • Add the function to restore the edited photo to the original photo