watchOS 7 will no longer support Apple Watch Series 2 and older!

Apple will release new operating systems in June , covering the entire product range from iPhone to Apple Watch. To watch the preparation system watchOS 7 . However, as it turns out, it will only support Series 3 and later. Older versions have bad luck.

watchOS 7 will no longer support Apple Watch Series 2 and older!

Time goes ahead and technology ages. Even so, one could describe the situation that is likely to be the owners of Apple Watch Series 0,1,2 . We consider their performance to be “outdated” and with new operating systems that are much more demanding than they once could not cope with. Apple Watch Series 2 was launched in 2016 and offers a dual-core processor. This can also be found in Series 1.

After 4 years, the product life cycle is obviously over and users will have to get on with an older operating system or purchase a new device. Today’s leak says that watchOS 7 will bring “only” support for the Apple Watch Series 3,4,5 and, of course, the unprecedented version of “6”.

In addition to the support itself, details of what will be in the system have been revealed. Apparently we will find advanced sleep monitoring and also the possibility of measuring blood oxygen levels . It is important to note that this does not apply to all, especially older Apple Watch models.

In addition, a more intelligent Siri will appear in the system as well as a redesign of the user interface . Recently leaked information that showed us some clock faces. In conclusion, we can say that there will be many news items and we certainly do not know about all of them. As soon as something goes public, we will inform you among the first!