The latest news today with Vivo ‘s newest fast charge technology, the Vivo Super FlashCharge 120W, which can charge a full 4,000 mAh battery within 13 minutes.


Vivo released the trump card before the MWC Shanghai 2019 by mentioning the newest fast-charging technology, the world’s fastest 120W power supply. Now, which has just been released, it can charge a full 4,000 mAh battery within 13 minutes (Previously, Xiaomi had shown above the 100W fast charge system. With the technology of both camps, the fast charging time is not much different. About 4 minutes because of Xiao full mi within 17 minutes)

Plus, the latest report also revealed that Vivo is preparing to launch a smartphone that will come with this new fast-charging system soon (now in the preparation phase).

In addition to the said technology In the upcoming week at MWC19, which will be held June 26-28 in Shanghai, China, Vivo is preparing to launch the company’s first 5G smartphone as well. Would have to come to think that this new fast charging system will be in this model or not? However, if the website has information and more details of this matter Will hurry to update for sure