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Unofficial Android Q beta version seen on XDA

XDA, which has always been at the forefront of the version of the sneak, has first acquired a Pixel 3 XL phone running Android Q’s early system. According to the official naming convention, Android Q is expected to correspond to the Android 10.0 system, which will be released in the summer and autumn of 2019.

The system is so new that it has installed Google’s February security patch and has advanced access. However, the foreign media said that what I have seen so far is not the first version of the Developer Preview.

First, the global night dark mode

In short, the biggest surprise is the introduction of the global night dark mode, the completion of the adaptation is quite high, including not limited to the main interface of the system, and even the built-in core apps such as Chrome, contacts, stores, and YouTube will switch.

It is judged that Android Q introduces the “forced coverage” feature, which means that even if the three-party program does not call the self-switching interface or there is no built-in dark mode in the future, it will get a perfect fit.

Second, improved authority management

Android Q further optimizes permissions configuration and management, including graphical presentation, management interface to filter sorting by permission type, and more. Take the location as an example. When the notification bar displays the location call icon, you can click to see which apps are in use.

Third, a large number of new developer features

For example, “force remote desktop” (guess similar to Samsung DeX?), game display driver package update, the information screen display (for AOSP all models), free-form split screen.