Ubuntu 19.10: It’s like fast so that “old hardware feels new”,

Ubuntu’s: 19.10 Removing like a quick “so that old hardware feels new”.Zfs file system is also supported (although it is “experimental”). The leaves are spinning. The temperature has dropped. This is a sure sign that a full fall release is upon us if we live in the northern hemisphere. But in 2019 the situation is slightly different. The nickname for ubuntu 19.10 Removing is not only loan ermine (no, I don’t know how to pronounce it), as well as the best lots non – ubuntu release from canonical. I have to verify that statement to some extent. Because it’s actually the latest version, it will be the best ubuntu. But there is a recent bias behind emotions. I have been reviewing ubuntu years 10 for now, and have been using and distributing this distribution in other forms for of 3 to 4 years before that. After spending some recent weeks with ubuntu, 19.10 Removing I can be sure that it is the best ubuntu canonical has ever released. The first reason I like 19.10 Removing so much is that it’s crazy fast. Routine tasks like opening applications, dragging windows, activating the search interface, and moving the cursor are all much faster than 19.04. From the moment you enter the live cd, the speed boost is immediately noticeable, and installing 19.10 Removing is much faster. When I first installed the 19.10 Removing beta on my ageing Lenovo x, 240 I was testing my top the – – of line MacBook, so I immediately felt at ease with my mac. Ubuntu 19.10 Removing doesn’t have any success during testing like software that goes around the mac and makes older hardware feel up to date, even on less powerful hardware. Even if that’s all you got in ubuntu, 19.10 Removing I call it a victory. However, as with the October release of Ubuntu, there are a lot of new features that are not yet ready but showing considerable potential. These features include zfs file system support. It is still clearly marked as “experimental” (although in all capital letters), but I had no problem running 19.10 Removing on a zfs – formatted root partition. That doesn’t mean you have to try it. After all, it’s experimental, but really lacking seems to be a tool for managing and using zfs. Zfs allows for powerful backup and cloning, but tools for working with zfs on ubuntu are currently somewhat limited. But talk about add – ons can wait. Ubuntu 19.10 Removing is so fast that it ‘s worth digging deeper into speeding up and what’ s happening under the hood.

As fast as a gnome.
19.10 Removing basic desktop in 3.34 him most of the improvement of the ubuntu the latest release may be due.3.34 him, however, is faster due to the work of engineers canonical.(aside, the fellow’s current status and canonical is better to make work is correctly calling a valid reason for the best argument I think. Shut down the unity.)

He canonical has done to improve and learn more about the way ubuntu to understand the contents of the significant details are posted on board discourse.Engineers are common to find “hotspot” of the canonical ram or CPU a peak time is called “cold spot” instead of the biggest problem is.He gently idles instead of in updating the screen, ” I wanted to find a place.We??Identified where this happens is a developer.In three out of me, Refresh the way of improvement in their mutter GPU CPU a retry the transfer of some operations to the changes and delays in the frame of a Xorg.Fixes.With this release, in what is one of them is Wayland He is not significantly faster than the way of greater than Xorg.This new release, improvements in the speed of loss as soon as the envy Wayland.That guy to improve the work done for the author is not working and development of canonical of some of our initial assumptions, particularly the fellow javascript for use.False excitement for the list of ropsseumnida.Java script does not affect the performance that it was revealed.I’m sorry, but javascript isn’t my thing, but “other than written in c java script is that” is a false assumption.I have to compete with that improvement is not formally been carried out.The following release of the project objectives is to provide faster and better performance in modern hardware.In an older, less slow trying to improve the performance of your computer. And then 20.10Of the canonical daniel van Vogt,” gnome-shell is bright and excitement to the future of value.Isn’t the government responsible for them?Do not go ahead of us because But now even a very bright.19.10 Removing but usually find him still as a shell used excess 3 I in fast enough in no hurry to remove any more.He this release, beyond the framework of the Ubuntu “you” theme that there is a little bit of co-ordination.Yaru In 19.10 Removing the theme is bright and dark elements are mixed but has to lean towards the end of the light spectrum.Personally, I like the new basic look.A mixture of the bright and dark element of the Ubuntu is well-known.Update of this release include notification, bright skin to share the same menus and dialogue boxes are kept dark while his shell top panel.But if you don’t like the changes includes both dark pool light pools of themes and themes.If you want to change the theme, however, teuwik him must be installed.As described in detail on the 3.34 he is faster, but news of the notable are some new features.The best two of new features and of the default search application on the overview section.The application will now frequently use folders grouped by the application, see. You can easily organize and find When you create a folder, mobile will operate as shown in os.Drag into one app icon to another app icon and your folders are automatically created.I have to compete with that in the relevant functional global search results displayed on the type can be ordered.To do this item to switch on and off the search panel in settings that can be transposed as a drag and drop in addition to move.For example, the file is always first to display the file options to the top of the list settings, Drag.Kernel and zfs
Ubuntu 19.10 Removing installer z in the root file system using the (that also called zfs) option to format the drive is included. .The support is once again “experiment” (All caps) which is marked with a warning should be noted.The root, in a production hardware zfs, Do not format.In any case, you must be back on a computer to format the drive and the root to zfs There is nothing wrong at a time when the writing. (To be honest, amazing.).But canonical is now declared each as part of implementation as stable support and zfs to change the details, the data loss can be.Do not use once again, now. .Canonical of the license is acceptable because they think about the kernel level of support is not a big problem in the long run.Ubuntu was zfs support, has worked for several years now.15.10 in file-based, starting with zfs zfs on Linux He painted the work of the project.A later date for the container for the support to zfs.For nearly a year in container lx zfs of little use without any problems, canonical zfs lxd and process the implementation details, to lxc zfs for use with other files.System and may not be different.Most of the kernel distributions, well, but the fedora and other distributions, zfs the level of support are not included.One reason is that the common zfs development and distribution license because some claims under license in accordance with the silver gnu general public license and are incompatible.Because.Canonical in kernel and others disagree, but actually is canonical zfs and accompanying one of the first products.Ubuntu to 19.10 Removing the root file system and release into the program to add support for zfs zfs directly from file system partitioning and creating the layout.It offers also tools.Zfs not used to be interested, why do I wonder.You can not. .There is nothing wrong in the (And almost every other distributions). 4 A primary file system that was used in Ubuntu extBut zfs is pooled storage, data including snapshots, data integrity and to ensure there’s the other way provides a powerful tool that can be accessed.Zfs for the full background is not out of the scope of review updates ubuntu for those who use as their work stations provided by the zfs the two largest.Disk and pooled storage benefits of having snaps syasil.File system across multiple hard drives play the role of managers and the volume is zfs can create a file system. (“full” in term zfs).To be able to pool some of the disks?The funny thing, Oracle is the boiling ocean to completely fill the pool of storage and 128-bit zfs more energy than is required.In other words, zfs in large data sets are included.Snapshot capabilities to the disk partition of the root, more useful.Specifies the type of root by zfs and activate the snapshots to imagine for a while.On some to install the software to install updates.No problem.Effectively by deleting the file system updates can roll back to the previous state.Ubuntu is facing but not yet.It is easy to get the root file system from zfs, (but with me…) It’s still experimental zfs a tool to manage and to leverage the power is still missing.But the cool to interact with and managing zfs canonical GUI the bundles will gain a competitive edge in the enterprise market, especially if you could do.it is.19.10 Removing the kernel of 5.3, based on the new kernel Linux Radeon Rx the first place by a great graphics card can add support for the series.In addition, intel speed select support we provided the beginning for the power to add the option of easier.The essence of this release is monopoly Nvidia the installation disc ubuntu drivers are included.In other words, after the installation of belonged roumeop Nvidia the driver the right can be installed in the first place.Snaps and bugs
Ubuntu at 19.10 Removing web browser includes some basic apps such as package, especially snap chromium.The twist is cleared up, this change will apply in all versions of Ubuntu.Ubuntu, all supported this all for the release because there is no need to build a new version of the chromium canonical to saving significant engineering effort in.I can do it.I have no problem and to use versions of snap chromium snap that only one indicator of Just over ten hours longer than usual.That is to say, the related ubuntu discourse Reports Reports of thread in the quite large. .The main grievance is shaped when using the theme The guy who doesn’t look in the version of the snap.For others, chromium As dialogue box, a problem.Chromium of developer tools to Enhancements, part of the problem when used.Chromium snap the transferring to judgment on the user can do, but we can learn how to save time and effort of the is not yet.So far, former users were not disclosed. release ubuntu the 19.10 Removing the share of the panel settings panel at the bottom of the toggle with a new “Share your media”.Smart tv dlna or share the device can access files compatible UPnP other devices, network and some console (e.g., four PlayStation) and to share files.Must be prompt to volunteer for.Few things to be careful here.First, this is basically pictures, videos, and share three folders, such as music and lan to share with all devices.If you want more detailed control of bad luck.Another more serious note are The initial release of the 19.10 Removing basic default this came with your bugs that makes it possible to share.The problem is solved, but immediately 19.10 Removing the one to update your system and sharing is turned off again.This vlc in using this function to play a video tested.Everything works but lacks gloss and speed of the plex.Plex (or dlna player is personally my favourite jellyfish) considering whether and how easy it is running to install a third-party media sharing to use the app.It sounds good.Ubuntu has released a road map as the last note for those waiting for support for the raspberry pi 4. The short story is that ubuntu 19.10 Removing support for raspberry pi four model b is currently limited GB to 1 2 GB and versions. Canonical’s Salem kayo wrote on the ubuntu blog, “because of a kernel bug, USB ports are not natively supported in official images arm 64 4 GB with of ram.”Canonical’s engineers have confirmed the required kernel fixes and are currently testing, but there is no official support for the four GB model. But there is a workaround. Successfully installed 19.10 Removing four on GB raspberry pi four using boot parameters, letting the kernel know that there is only three GB of ram. Not very ideal, but if you want to play with the raspberry pi today, at least technically possible.Conclusion
Ubuntu 19.10 Removing should be upgraded to something rare in the October ubuntu release. The autumn release of ubuntu always keeps some of the known experimental elements, but speeding it up with gnome alone is worth the time. If you want to stick to a more stable release, the new features in 19.10 Removing will eventually be backported to 19.04 and the release of the last lot, 18.04Nevertheless, there is no reason not to upgrade unless you are committed to the stability of the release of the lot. As I said at first ubuntu, 19.10 Removing is probably the best release of ubuntu canonical. If you ‘re already a ubuntu user, it’ s worth upgrading, and if not, it’s worth trying.

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