TWRP officially announced support for S9/S9+

Samsung released the Galaxy S9 series models for more than a year, TWRP officially announced that it has officially supported this series of models. Currently, the official TWRP REC is available for the SM-G9600 (S9) and SM-G9650 (S9 +) models, both of which are sold in Hong Kong and Latin America.

Although the TWRP official has been adapting to the S9 series models, Samsung has already released the S10 series models and has already sold or sold them in different regions. However, users who like to toss the machine have long found a third party. The tool is like a brush.

It should be noted that because Samsung’s S9 series models sold in different regions use unused processors, such as the Korean version will use Samsung’s self-developed Exynos chip, and other models use Qualcomm processors. Therefore, TWRP REC does not currently fit all versions of S9 or S9+, and only supports SM-G9600 (S9) and SM-G9650 (S9 +) models.

Now, the relevant model users can download the official version of TWRP (,) to brush, users who have obtained the ROOT permission of the mobile phone can also download the official TWRP application (click here to download)to install TWRP REC through Google Play.

TWRP is a Recovery that supports a variety of convenient functions such as touch operation, integrating many functions. After unlocking the mobile phone bootloader, the user can swipe into the TWRP to easily scan the third-party ROM.