The social network will slightly revise the presentation of responses to a tweet.

It thus hopes to improve the engagement of its users by pushing them to discuss more among themselves.

Twitter revises its interface to encourage interactions between users

Twitter is a social network massively used around the world but struggling to create engagement between its users. Published tweets can garner thousands of likes, but it’s hard to start a quick conversation with a user or just join a discussion as you would on Facebook, for example.

Twitter teams will try to reverse the trend and announce a very minor evolution of the application interface for iOS. For Twitter, this new presentation will make it easier to “see who is responding to whom, so that you can participate in relevant conversations”.

Responses to a tweet will now be shifted slightly to the right and lines between the initial tweet and the different comments will be displayed to prioritize the different interactions more effectively and to identify them more easily in the response stream.

To prevent conversations from multiplying in a timeline, Twitter also indicates that this change will only apply to contracts that the user is already following.

A novelty first available exclusively on iOS

This presentation had already been tested last spring in the “ twitter ” application with a few users registered in the beta program. It will now be applied to all users of the application, a priori without updating necessary.

The change should be made on the server-side and be available in the coming days to all subscribers using an iOS device. Android users will also be affected by this new presentation but will have to wait a few more weeks to benefit from it.