tvOS 13 supports many users with different tastes. And supports full game joy

tvOS operating system for Apple TV using iOS code, also announced a new version update on the WWDC stage as well, with the version number being tvOS 13 synchronized with iOS.

On the stage, Tim Cook revealed that the new update will be customized to the Homescreen page with more details. And support from many users Meaning that if each person has a taste Or different video types The system can distinguish whether the video should be introduced. And what kind of music for the user (both TV and Apple Music), if listening to Apple Music, can also show the lyric of the song

And when tvOS 13 is officially released for download on the Apple TV, Apple says it will support the Xbox One Controller and PlayStation 4 Dual Shocker. No need to buy Joy MFi anymore because Do both have been popular easy to buy And already connected via Bluetooth

However, on the stage, Apple did not talk about Apple TV Plus. Apple TV streaming service itself expects details, whether it is use. Exclusive prices will be announced from between September to end of the year .